Safety and protective measures for fire emergency
a. Emergency staircase
b. Fire extinguisher for every floor
c. Central water fire fighting hydrant system for the buildings with hose reel in every floor and sprinkler system for the basement.


Yes, in case of Power Failure, one stand by emergency Generator for operating each block of Buildings. International standard generator brand will be installed. Capacity to cover lift, water pumps, staircase, lobby, intercom service, common space like car parking, reception area, security room, main gate etc. It will cover THREE lights point and TWO fan points in each apartment.


RAKEEN will further help in forming owner’s association/society to take care of the project’s green areas, garbage collection, cleaning, security and general maintenance.


RAKEEN will take charge of maintenance and property management for the 1st year after full project handover. Yearly service charges to be paid monthly in advance by the owners and to be clearly described, defined and justified by RAKEEN at the time of handover, according to market’s rates and conditions by then.


Adherence to our delivery commitment in December 2018.


RAKEEN will bear all sale documentation fees.


Yes. RAKEEN will show at any time and upon any request all necessary legal documents, permits and authority approvals securing the buyer’s investment and assuring its legitimacy to develop the land and to sell the properties developed on such land (RAJUK permit, POA, REHAB Membership etc.)


Any unresolved disputes will be arbitrated and handled by Bangladesh courts of law.


The community facilities:
» Commercial building block comprising supermarket, shops, cafes.
» Mosque
» Multi-purpose Community building including provision for:
a. Ladies corner
b. Space for community library
c. Space for Club
d. Space for Gymnasium
e. Emergency Medical Service
Garbage disposal system within the project area.
Children playgrounds in front of blocks with green areas
Tennis/Basketball court


All defections in the apartments finishing and fittings will be warranted for 1 year from handing over date.


3rd renowned party’s results copies of building materials tests can be provided separately (soil, piling, steel, concrete). Structure designed to withstand earthquakes or prevalent intensity.


Construction Material brands and specifications:
CEMENT: – Standard quality cement – Scan/Holcim/Equivalent.
STEEL: – Standard quality deformed Bar (FY 60,000 & 40,000 psi) – BSRM/RSRM/Equivalent.
BRICKS: – First class bricks (Gas burn). External Wall Thickness 8” Partition walls thickness 5”.
FINE AGGREGATE: – Sylhet coarse sand and medium sand.
STONE CHIPS: – Bholagonj standard crushed stone chips, Concrete strength: 3000 & 4000 psi.


If developer is in default and fails to deliver the property on time as per completion date clearly defined in sale agreement, and if buyer has not at all defaulted in his installments agreed, the penalty to be paid by developer will be equal to current rental market rate and according to the number of the months of such delay.


Transfer or resale activities to other parties are possible even before handing over and deed registration. Such activities will take place at RAKEEN offices and will happen through RAKEEN under 3 conditions:

a. 2% transfer fees + 1% admin fees for new documents issuance to be paid to developer.

b. A transfer letter/agreement must be signed between Seller and new buyer where as Seller acknowledges that he has received all his paid amount and his premium and that he is transferring all his obligations and dropping all is rights in the new buyer’s favor, and buyer undertakes that he has seen and fully understood all terms and conditions agreed initially between 1st buyer and developer and that he’s willing to continue and to respect those obligations and conditions.

c. Original Sale agreement in 1st buyer’s possession must be returned to developer in order to issue new one.


No, the purchase price excludes all taxes. Such expenses will be borne by the buyer.


Mode of Payment:
a.Booking Money – 20%.
b. Equal installment up to a period before handover – 70%
c. At the time of Possession Handover – 10%


Yes, you can cancel your purchase. For Purchase cancellation 10% of the total amount or 30% of the paid amount whichever is greater, will be forfeited.


The home financing procedure will depend upon the rules and regulation of the designated financial bank and organization.


Yes, RAKEEN ties up with 5 different banks and financial institutions, providing individual loans for our local and Non Resident Bangladeshi property buyers, subject to bank approval (depending on buyer’s income, status and bank regulations).

For Local residents:
Up to 70% of the total amount –
Up to 25 years Installment (depending on age).
Interest rate is minimum 1% below the current market rates

For NRBs:
Up to 50% of the total amount
Up to 7 years installments period


Yes. Each block is facilitated with Caretakers room, guardroom, drivers’ sitting space and common toilet.


Security features:
a. Heavy secured gateway with spacious entrance and driveway including security provision for control of Incoming and outgoing persons, vehicles Goods etc.
b. Provision for 24-hour CCTV cameras for Security System.


Ownership Deed Registrations at land department will be documented and processed by RAKEEN and relevant fees will be borne by the buyer as per official registration office up-to-date charges at the time of handover.


Utility consumption cost:
a. Electricity: As per DESCO’s price of kilowatt
b. Gas: As per official Authority fix monthly rate/Cylinder cost.
c. Water: As per official authority unit price. Monthly bill to be equally distributed to all flats located in a single block


Utilities connection cost will be charged separately to the buyer as per official authorities up-to-date charges on the time of handover


Utilities supply:
a. Main substation (appx. capacity of 20mkw) from DESCO connecting to individual transformer of each blocks.
b. Gas pipeline connection (government connection/cylinder) for distribution system as per requirement of each apartment. All apartments will have independent gas connection for two burners.
c. Own source of water supply.


Yes, proper ventilation, air circulation and daylight option as per architectural design.


Internal Divisions, sizes of rooms and design concept of the apartment remain unchanged

Kitchen Features:
a. Kitchen cabinets installation is optional. Selection range and brands to be agreed and determined and additional cost to be provided accordingly.
b. Kitchen worktops will be Star/Equivalent tiles by default. For any upgrade to Star/Equivalent marble/granite slab tops, a separate cost will incur as per the new selection from Star/Equivalent available products range.

Bathroom fittings:
a. All bathrooms with inner side waterproof laminated Doors / Plastic Doors.
b. Star/Equivalent good quality sanitary wares.
c. Star homogenous non-slip 12” x 12” Ceramic Tiles in all bathroom floors. Matching Star 13” x 20” Tiles in all bathroom walls up to false ceiling.
d. Provision for Mirror in Bathroom with overhead lamps. Local chrome plated high standard fittings in master and for other bathrooms (Nazma).
e. One Bath Tub for Master Bathroom.
f. Concealed hot and cold water PPR-PEX lines provisions in all bathrooms.


Tiles & Sanitary ware:
a. By default General Floor tiles and verandas tiles will be Star branded 24″ x 24”. New selection will be from Star Ceramic’s available range of products.
b.  Tiles and sanitary wares default selection for bathrooms will remain unchanged.
c. Only Master bathroom wash basin can be optionally upgraded from pedestal to granite slab with underneath cabinet. Separate quote will be provided.
d. Shower trays are also optional. Selection will be from Star/Equivalent available range of products and separate cost to be provided accordingly.


Description of offered area:
a. Type A Apartment – 1872 Sft. = 1628 Sft. (carpet area) + 222 Sft. (lift, staircase & corridors share) + 22 Sft. (Community Club share).
b. Type B Apartment – 1553 Sft. = 1335 Sft. (carpet area) + 200 Sft. (lift, staircase & corridors share) + 18 Sft.(Community Club share).
c. Parking space is an option. Price to be provided separately. Starting from BDT 400,000.00 and subject to increase.

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